Is Your Marketing Plan Ready for the Digital Age?

Is Your Marketing Plan Ready for the Digital Age?

One of the big advantages of digital marketing is the ability to scale up quickly and back off programs when needed. Having a solid foundation–including a website, blog, and email newsletter–should be a constant. This is the time of year we reflect on what digital marketing plans worked well and what didn’t. Either way, you should gain insights from your successes (and failures) to make sure your marketing plan is ready for the digital age..

Most experts agree sharing valuable, relevant, and compelling content is a critical component of your digital strategy. Content can come in a variety of types, including syndicated blogs, white papers, how-to videos, case studies, customer testimonials, infographics, and the list goes on. It doesn’t take a lot of time or budget to find, share and comment on interesting content on your social media networks. Keep your blog current, and also make sure to extend your reach by leveraging email marketing in the form of a monthly newsletter and targeted information offerings.

Last year mobile search traffic surpassed all other search traffic on Google. Don’t miss out on half of your digital traffic! Make sure your website uses a  mobile-responsive design. This means it will optimize when someone visits from a mobile device. Be sure to highlight your call to action (e.g. book now, free trial, contact us) specifically for mobile visitors. Where possible, also target mobile visitors with content that includes video.

Social Networks aren’t just for entertainment or consumer audiences. LinkedIn can be a valuable source of business referrals, providing an economical way to reach a wide audience with your brand. You can distribute content easily through LinkedIn Groups and you can also use LinkedIn to build a compliant email marketing database. Facebook also offers low-cost programs to reach a custom audience. You can drive traffic for targeted offers as low as $0.12 – $1 per visit.

It is easy to dismiss Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as internet wizardry. There are many SEO scams that may only lead you to Google’s Sandbox. However, having relevant content that is optimized for SEO using best practices will help ensure your site is properly indexed and displayed in the search engine rankings. What’s more, it is easy to get a free business listing on Google. Just make sure there is content worth viewing when someone clicks on your search engine results.

IDC predicts the marketing opportunity for Big data to exceed $150b dollars. There are big-data solutions for companies of every size. You may be tapping Big Data without realizing it. You may be linking your internal data from account and customer management systems to industry data sources. These insights may augment your existing data with financial, demographic, and other information that can help you manage your business. You may also find external data sources to benchmark the effectiveness of your campaigns. Examples of external sources include email marketing performance, search engine marketing performance, website analytics, survey panels and more.

Technology has allowed us all to expect fast and easy access to information, consultation and purchase of products and services. Technologies including Chat, CRM, Personalization,  Digital Transform and enhance the customer experience. You work hard to build your digital network and contact prospective customers. Don’t make it hard for customers and prospects to interact, find answers to frequently-asked questions, or purchase your products and services. Since your website is the hub of your marketing activities, make sure your website marketing plan is ready for the digital age.

SPAM filtering, privacy policies and new regulations including the new EU Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)  make it more important than ever to comply with responsible marketing best practices. Avoiding purchased lists, purging unnecessary customer and prospect data, and keeping only the necessary information you need will help you stay out of hot water.

Getting your marketing plan ready for the digital age can be a full-time job, but it doesn’t have to be. Contact ClikCloud today to find out more about how you can ensure you get the most from your sales and marketing efforts next year.

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