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Technology is an integral part of every business, and at Wolff Logics, we’re here to take any guesswork out of the equation so you can focus on operating a thriving business. 

We believe quality customer service is the key to any good business partnership, and that is our primary goal. We provide innovative and personalized IT solutions for any business need. 

Whether it’s keeping patient records secure for your private medical practice, making legal documents easily accessible but still secure, or offering consulting for large-scale IT endeavors, we strive to help you succeed.

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Security & Compliance

  • Encryption
  • Security Assessments
  • HIPAA Auditing & Compliance Management

Backup & Disaster Recovery

  • Server Virtualization
  • On Premise Appliance
  • East and West Coast Replication Offsite

Managed IT Services

  • Desktop & User Care
  • Server Management
  • Network Security

Cloud Computing

  • Hosted Desktop
  • Hosted Server and Infrastructure
  • Microsoft Hosted Exchange & Office 365

IT Consulting & Projects

  • Business Technology Consulting
  • Deployment Services
  • Streamlined IT – We Supplement Your Current Internal IT

HIPAA Auditing

  • Risk Analysis
  • Risk Remediation
  • Policies & Procedures Documentation

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Since 2001 we've enabled thousands of business-critical machines to stay connected, secure and running efficiently.

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In our digital age, every business needs some aspect of IT services and cyber security. At Wolff Logics, we pride ourselves on being able to adapt our services to fit any business’ needs. No matter the industry or company size, our team is up to the job. 

Some industries have a greater need for advanced technology services, and we’re here to make the job easier.

Healthcare IT Solutions

From private practices to hospitals, we’re equipped to keep your data and your patients’ data completely secure.

Legal IT Solutions

Documents are crucial to every case, and we’ll ensure you have safe and instant access to all your files, anytime.

Construction IT Solutions

Don’t get your plans mixed up. We keep all your communications, blueprints, regulations, and more in safe hands.


Great People to Work With

I have nothing but good things to say about this company. They are great people to work with. Mr. Wolff pays much attention to details and he is very courteous.

Prof. Ruben Herrera

I Highly Recommend Wolff Logics

We at Northwest Diagnostic Clinic have been using Wolff Logics since February 2010. Bryan and his team have provided excellent service to us. We have been using an EMR since 1999. All of our patient’s medical records are store electronically. To provide our patient’s the best care we must have access to our database. Part of our service contract with Wolff Logics, is the remote monitoring of our servers. If there is an issue, an alert is sent to them and action is taken accordingly no matter the time of day. There is the peace of mind of knowing someone is available 24/7. If a server goes down, we have a power outage or any critical operation need, I know the resolution is just a phone call away. They maintain our firewall security and system back up, to insure system integrity and no loss of information. I highly recommend Wolff Logics as your IT support.

Sue McBurney
Northwest Diagnostic Clinic

They Take Care of Every IT Need

Amazing staff, they take care of every IT need with a personal touch.

Jason M

Very Professional and Reliable

We were looking for an IT provider that could bring its knowledge and experience to develop and maintain our servers and workstations, and advise us as to necessary and appropriate upgrades to our technology equipment and software. Most of all we were looking for honesty and someone we felt we could trust. We chose Wolff Logics as a result we have received all of the above. We have been very satisfied with the advice, service, and overall response time received from the Wolff Logic team. They have helped endure many changes over the years, working with us to help control costs and to ensure our network and data was available and protected. I find their service to be very professional and reliable. I would highly recommend them as an excellent IT company.

Texas Child Neurology

Fast, Professional, 24/7 Service

I am the IT and Project Manager for a medium sized company. We have used the services of Wolff Logics for quite a few years now and are definitely happy with their professional support and IT services.

They maintain our entire network security and infrastructure, which is a big job in itself when you take into account that we have hundreds of staff members who use email, many varied robust and complex accounting applications, printers, licenses, virus protection, new office equipment purchases and installation, our large phone system, you name it. If it’s IT, we use it and Wolff Logics supports it!

It would not be possible for me to come close to supporting a network and user base of this size. They have an entire team of highly skilled employees who are a phone call away to support software and hardware problems both large and small – and this is one heck of a dedicated team!

We would have to have at least 4-5 on-staff IT people just to keep up with the needs of our company.

When I do the math and weigh the cost, there really isn’t a greater value out there to match the services they provide. Literally, the only thing I could do to match them would be to hire an internal IT team, which would be almost twice what we pay Wolff Logics.

When it comes to fast, professional, 24/7 service, it’s kind of a no brainer, I couldn’t recommend anyone better than Wolff Logics.

Gerald Hamar

Professional Associations