Healthcare IT Services Designed Specifically for Providers

If we have learned nothing else in the past few years, it’s that doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals serve as our frontline defense for emerging medical threats. As such, doctors and nurses are a vital part of our society, and at Wolff Logics, we are committed to helping your practice operate efficiently and effectively.

Today's medical field is data driven and profoundly reliant upon technology which requires robust IT solutions to deliver that data efficiently and seamlessly. This is true for all medical practitioners no matter their field of medicine. Electronic medical records, diagnostics data, insurance integration, billing, and regulations are just some of the technological aspects involved in healthcare. Each of these systems plays an integral role in your practice and has additional complexity to consider. 

At Wolff Logics, our professional and managed IT services provide technical expertise and efficiency so you can focus on what is truly important: delivering successful health outcomes and quality of life for your patients.

For practices big and small, healthcare information needs be to easily accessible on a number of devices, shareable among professionals, and 100% secure. This makes proper cyber security crucial. Outsourcing your IT with a company like Wolff Logics streamlines the entire process so your staff don't have to worry about ever-changing online risks or using outdated technology.

Our Healthcare IT personnel will help keep your network safe, secure, and up to date with the latest technology so you can offer your patients the very best level of care. From telemedicine to electronic medical records, we are fully equipped to support your practice allowing you to focus on your patients instead of your technology.

HIPAA and PII Compliance

We understand that HIPAA compliance is absolutely critical to any medical practice. The advent of Electronic Medical Records and Telemedicine have changed the medical practice landscape significantly. However, this evolution of technical capabilities has also created financial challenges for practices to deliver the needed vital services while maintaining budgetary constraints and minimizing operating costs.

At Wolff Logics, we can reduce your  IT operating expenses while delivering best in class IT governance and support. In the digital age, information is the new currency. Our team provides the expertise to secure your patients’ data from security breaches and cyber exploits that have become all too common. Should an issue arise, our Rapid Response Team is standing by 24/7/365 through our state of the art Security Operations Center.

Healthcare IT Services

Our IT services are foundational to any medical practice, and each aspect is directly or entirely dependent on technology. Our expertise allows Wolff Logics to take a holistic and integrative approach for all of these requirements and innovative approaches to healthcare delivery.

HIPAA Auditing & Compliance

Protect your patients’ data and protect your business.

Electronic Health Records

We’ll customize an EHR/EMR system that’s tailored to your practice for safety and ease of use.

Patient Portal

We help you and your patients communicate with ease and without fear.

The Future of Healthcare

All industries are becoming more dependent on digital technologies every day and healthcare is no different. 

More and more patients want a doctor who offers the convenience of telemedicine appointments and a patient portal to make communicating with their doctor easier. They also want to feel safe that their information is just as protected as if they were in an exam room.

At Wolff Logics, we not only keep your network as up to date as possible for the best efficiency, but we also monitor for potential threats so we may neutralize them before they become an issue. We know your patients come to you for the best medical care, and you should expect the same level of expertise when it comes to your technology.

Just like your patients come to you for your expertise, guidance, and support, you can rely on your team at Wolff Logics for the same level of expertise and strategy when it comes to your technology.

Dedicated IT Services You Can Depend On

Keeping your patients’ information protected and your practice in compliance requires robust IT support.

At Wolff Logics, we specialize in the implementation and maintenance of secure technologies, particularly in regards to EHRs and EMRs. We will help establish HIPAA and HI-TECH compliant protocols for your practice that increase security, reliability, and scalability so you can focus solely on the care of your patients.