You Can Take It With You

All your data. All over the world. All at the touch of a button.

When it comes to storing your files, it's best to hedge your bets.

With Wolff Logics' cloud computing options, you'll have faster, more reliable access to your files with the added security of knowing that you're protected in the event of a catastrophic failure.

Your client information is not only sensitive, but it's necessary in order for you to do your job. In the event your dedicated server goes down, how would you begin to go about recovering that lost data?

With the cloud, you never have to worry about it.

Whether it's virtualizing your employee's computers, switching to a cloud-based server, setting up a shared file system, or organizing your email and word processing software, a cloud computing system with Wolff Logics can make sure that your entire operation is safe, accessible, and productive whenever and wherever you need it.

Secure your data, wherever you are.

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Hosted Desktops

Same data, new location. Now, any computer can become your computer.

Hosted Server and Infrastructure

The storage space you need. The flexibility you love. The security you crave.


Microsoft's Hosted Exchange and Office 365

The same software you love, but with our own, special twist.


Server Virtualization

Your servers can be virtualized on premise or in the cloud within an hour in the event of your server hardware failing.

Sandbox Environments

Ever wanted to test a server Line of Business application? Our solutions allow sandboxing!



Your desktop. Your files. Accessible from anywhere.

Your entire life is on that computer: work emails, client lists, documents, and other sensitive information. And if you’ve moved toward a hybrid or fully remote office environment, you need proper cloud computing services.

What would happen if you left your laptop at home? Or on a plane? Would you be able to get today's work done if it were stolen or damaged?

A cloud-based desktop with Wolff Logics can take the same hard drive you use every day and move it to a secure, virtual location with greater flexibility and accessibility. As long as you have an internet connection, any computer can become your computer.

Just imagine the freedom of being able to work on that proposal from your home office as easily as your work office. Or never being without your clients' files. And with everything on the cloud, you don't have to worry about losing data if something happens to your laptop or PC. Getting back in business is just a few clicks away.


Cloud computing plays a crucial role in facilitating work-from-home setups. If your office is fully remote or just hybrid, you need to ensure all your employees have secure access to the files they need. 

The cloud enables your employees to access files and applications from anywhere, and  cloud-based tools like Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and Slack provide platforms for real-time collaboration and communication. 

Employees can work on shared documents, participate in video conferences, and communicate effectively regardless of their physical location.

 With your team scattered, accessibility and security are more important than ever. Get both with cloud services from Wolff Logics.


Dedicated servers are risky. Give yourself better protection, more speed, and less downtime with a cloud-based server from Wolff Logics. 

Physical servers aren't magic. These technological workhorses are at risk for the same level of damage and downtime as your laptop.

No matter where your servers are located or who maintains them, they aren't perfect. That's why it pays to have a redundant network of cloud-based servers to distribute the digital weight of all your important data.

Storing your information on a cloud-based server means less downtime. If there's an issue, we can fix it with little to no interruption to your daily business. So whether it's routine maintenance or a full-on server failure, we have the resources to keep you online and on task until the problem is solved.

It also means that updates, upgrades, and changes to your software are ready in minutes. Setup is simple, quick, and painless and any upgrades can be done with just a few clicks. Because you're too busy to wait for uploads.

Cloud-based servers offer a flexibility that a dedicated server can't provide. If you only need a small amount of server space, you don't have to pay for a full dedicated server. When you're ready to expand, that's simple too.


With Wolff Logics, you don't have to sacrifice familiarity for security.

Microsoft's Hosted Exchange and Office 365 programs are ubiquitous among businesses. You use them. You love them. And we think you should keep them.

There's no reason you need to learn another software in order to move your files into the cloud.

With Microsoft's collection of cloud-based computing software, you can migrate your entire Office Suite onto a virtual platform that protects your information. So your emails, PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets, and cover letters are recoverable if anything goes wrong. They're also accessible from anywhere you need them.

It's just one way that we make doing business easier for you.


Cloud-based file sharing turns a staff into a team.

When you're sharing proprietary information among team members and clients, collaboration is a must. You want to keep everyone on the same page, but you don't want to lose control of your data to an invisible third party file sharing service.

That's where EFSS comes in.

Cloud-based file sharing allows your team members and clients to share files, documents, and important projects for maximum cooperation without sacrificing control over your sensitive information.

There's a fine line between creating open communication and being an open book.

With EFSS, you control your virtual storage space. Not some corporate entity. And when you need technical support or you're ready to make an update, you'll have Wolff Logics' managed IT services on your side.


Cloud computing makes bulky hard drives, fragile servers, and inaccessible files a thing of the past.

With help from Wolff Logics, your information isn't just protected; it's easy-to-reach. Whether you're looking to share, diversify, or protect your data, the cloud can keep everybody working at lightning speed.