Cybersecurity For The Modern Age

Malicious activity has moved from the physical realm to the digial realm. That’s why your business needs protection and monitoring from the experts. Don’t let your business be the next victim



Protect your data from getting taken or destroyed.


Identify and seal potential holes that cybercriminals look for.


keep your business safe from all kinds of digital threats.

What the heck does Cybersecurity even mean?

You may have seen catchy taglines, such as “Cybersecurity for Business” or “Enterprise Online Security.” Buzz words aside, cybersecurity is the protection of your digital files. Think of a bank, they’ve got the security deposit boxes in the vault, stacks of cash in the vault, nearly everything beyond petty cash, in the vault. Why would they do that? The vault is harder to get into than the lobby.

Network firewalls, anti-virus software, intrusion prevention software, Network access control (NAC), web application firewalls, endpoint security, proactive threat detection, dark web monitoring, email security, cloud security, and VPNs all fall under a lengthy (and tech-speak-y) list of aspects of cybersecurity.

In a single sentence, cybersecurity is the protection, security, and backup of your most precious files and data. Boom.

Are you thinking “Why do I need any of that?”

You totally are. Perhaps you use a password manager (good!) and have anti-virus software that you paid good money for (possibly good); you might be feeling pretty safe, and in most cases, you could be. However, would you risk your entire business on a possibility?

Things like ransomware can bring a business to a grinding halt, costing tens of thousands of dollars, and delaying productivity for weeks. These days, the online criminals (yes, they are called cybercriminals) are more cunning than ever. You’ve seen the movies, some of that is based in truth! Hackers can do some impressive things and take down large companies. It makes the news all the time, data breaches, file leaks, etc.

A cybersecurity policy that is customized for you, offers the threat protection you’ll need to defend your digital house from intruders.

Now you’re probably thinking, “But how does it work?”

Right? It’s like we’re in your mind, and while that isn’t true, we can put something in your mind that you might like. Peace. Peace of mind is really what cybersecurity is all about. Back to the how, though.

When it comes to online security, it isn’t enough to just protect, a proactive approach to defense is necessary.

Think of cybersecurity as your digital knight, wielding a shield to protect against evil and a sword to destroy threats. Every good knight needs a squire who sets the helmet on straight so our fictitious knight can see properly. That identification of the enemy is important, or else this knight would ride right into nothingness. Anecdotes can be fun!

Cybersecurity can be fun too, as long as you aren’t vulnerable to malicious cyberattacks. Not only are we ready to chat with you, learn about your business, and create a cyber security assessment just for you, we’ll make sure you are within HIPAA Compliance, PCI Compliance, and any other compliance needed to run your business efficiently.

Let’s talk about your digital knight in shining armor.