It’s Dangerous Out There

Make sure you’re adequately protected.

Secure Data Encryption

Full-Disk and File Encryption ensure that none of your sensitive data falls into the wrong hands.

Unified Threat Management

Multiple levels of protection, all from a single interface.

PCI Compliance

Your clients’ financial security is one of their top concerns. Shouldn’t it be yours, too?

It’s time to start getting serious about your data security.

With nearly 80% of businesses falling victim to hackers, it’s not a matter of if it happens to you, but when.

Having great backup and disaster recovery procedures is part of the problem, but it shouldn’t be the only tool in your arsenal. After all, you have home insurance, but that doesn’t mean you leave your front door unlocked.

Stop hackers, SPAM, malware, and other threats in their tracks with the right level of security from Wolff Logics.


Foolproof data security. Peace of mind for you, protection for your clients.

Data breach, loss, and theft no longer have to be a problem. Wolff Logics offers several layers of encryption to stop cybercrime in its tracks, no matter where the threat is coming from.

Full Disk Encryption puts your data under lock and key as soon as its created and unlocks it automatically from whatever device you choose, no passwords necessary. Even if someone manages to hack into your network or take your hard drive, your data stays locked up and out of reach.

And if your entire laptop is stolen, strong, password-protected File Encryption ensures that no one will be able to access sensitive data unless they are authorized. Your files remain encrypted no matter who you share it with, so you don’t have to worry about your clients’ data falling into the wrong hands.

We can also protect any exchange of information with our Encrypted Email service. Now, you don’t have to be worried about confidential messages being intercepted when they leave the security of your network. Whether you want to process to remain seamless or you want the added reassurance of password-protecting your emails, Wolff Logics can set up a secure system that you and your clients will appreciate.

Your clients’ sensitive information is too valuable not to be protected.


You can’t fix the problem if you don’t know it exists.

When dealing with personal information or HIPAA laws, data security is non-negotiable. But you can’t fix the problems if you don’t know that they’re there.

That’s where Wolff Logics comes in.

With our security risk assessments, we can uncover the holes in your network security so that you remain a safe, secure repository of your clients’ and patients’ sensitive information. You remain HIPAA-compliant. You remain trustworthy.

Our detailed assessment reports include:

  • Security Risk – A detailed summary of the policies already in place as well as the threats to your security.
  • Share Permission by Computer – A list of all computers and devices on your network, which files and machines they have access to, and the level of access.
  • External Vulnerabilities – A detailed list of the holes and weaknesses in your security and recommendations for fixing them.
  • Anomalous User Login Activity – A comprehensive list of the users who accessed what files and when, with algorithms that detect atypical behavior that could indicate suspicious activity.

Wolff Logics also has a specialized report to test for HIPAA compliance, so can avoid the fines that would threaten your business.


You don’t have to sacrifice security for convenience. 

The Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standard was created to make sure that businesses just like yours have systems in place to protect their customers’ financial information.

Failing to meet these standards doesn’t just mean that your clients no longer trust you, it could also mean losing the ability to accept credit card payments.

Can your business survive on cash and checks alone?

Wolff Logics PCI-approved scans and mitigation services make sure that you stay PCI-compliant so you can stay in business. Our assessment services uncover any threats within your cardholder data environment (from your software to your POS system) and our remediation services both document and prioritize the issues discovered so we can implement our plan of action. And an ASV-certified scan is just a click away.


Full-service firewall with one simple install.

The threats to your security don’t just come from one source. Hackers, malware, SPAM, and other intrusions can all derail your patient confidentiality.

With a UTM service from Wolff Logics, you can protect against all these threats and more from a single interface. Just one software install, and you’ve got an entire arsenal at your fingertips: an advanced firewall and threat protection, anti-malware, SPAM filters, and unlimited VPN capabilities, all from one dashboard.

Your IT network is made up of a host of components: email, websites, data storage, networks, and more. Using a single threat management system is the best way to ensure that there are no weaknesses or holes in your protection. And a UTM makes it easier for you to monitor the threats and deploy fixes when the need arises.


Security on-the-go.

As mobile devices become more ubiquitous in the workplace, mobile security becomes even more important. A recent survey showed that checking smartphones first thing in the morning (within 30 minutes of waking) is now a common practice.

But many employers don’t think of the security risks involved with equipping their employees with mobile devices. With an enterprise mobility management (EMM) software, you can still get the same level of on-the-go communication with your employees without sacrificing security.

In fact, with EMM, you can:

  • track the mobile devices on your network and take inventory,
  • remotely install and remove programs,
  • remotely configure devices,
  • share content, and
  • control app access for all for all of your mobile users.

Keeping an eye on your employees no matter where they are helps increase productivity and collaboration. With EMM, you don’t have to sacrifice security for ease of use.

Expert-Level Security By Wolff Logics

Don’t take a casual approach to your data security. After all, backups and data recovery won’t protect you against malware or hackers.

At Wolff Logics, we take your security seriously. From email to mobile devices, our solutions will lock up your data so you and your clients can rest at ease.