I Highly Recommend Wolff Logics

Clarity Creative Group

We at Northwest Diagnostic Clinic have been using Wolff Logics since February 2010. Bryan and his team have provided excellent service to us. We have been using an EMR since 1999. All of our patient’s medical records are store electronically. To provide our patient’s the best care we must have access to our database. Part of our service contract with Wolff Logics, is the remote monitoring of our servers. If there is an issue, an alert is sent to them and action is taken accordingly no matter the time of day. There is the peace of mind of knowing someone is available 24/7. If a server goes down, we have a power outage or any critical operation need, I know the resolution is just a phone call away. They maintain our firewall security and system back up, to insure system integrity and no loss of information. I highly recommend Wolff Logics as your IT support.