How can you build the best website for your business?

With the internet and social media now offering so many ways to get your voice heard for free, a website can seem like an idea that belongs back in the 1990s. Can your small business really benefit from having one?  In short, yes! Social platforms like Facebook and Instagram hog a lot of online traffic, but people will usually look …

What’s in Your Technology Budget Next Year?

What’s in Your Technology Budget Next Year?

Many companies start their budget this time of year. As you are thinking about strategic investments, consider how you can leverage technology to improve customer service, make your employees more productive, and possibly save money. Here are a few considerations for next year’s technology budget. Network Upgrade Your network is the backbone of your technology infrastructure. Growing demand for high …

What you Need to Know to Comply with Global Data Protection Regulation

What you Need to Know to Comply with Global Data Protection Regulation

You don’t need to be based in the European Union to be subject to the new Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) scheduled to take effect in May of 2018. These broad standards for compliance protect the data of any EU citizen regardless of where the data resides. You will want to know how to avoid fines as high as 4% …

Best File-Sharing practices

File-Sharing Practices Every PC User Should Know These

How many ways can you think of to share a file between two workstations? The more ways you know how to share a file, the less chance there is that you’ll be stuck without access to critical files due to an Internet outage. This week’s tip will inform you of four different file-sharing practices to help your business share files.

Internet-Connected Cars Prove Easy Targets for Hackers

Cars aren’t as simple as they used to be, particularly in regard to the technology that’s inside them. Nowadays, you’d be hard-pressed to find a new vehicle that isn’t vulnerable in some way to threats like malware or cyber attacks. The researchers at Kaspersky have proven that many apps that are connected to smart cars aren’t as secure as drivers …

Tablet Battle: Galaxy Tab S3 vs iPad Pro

Two of the primary developers of tablets–Apple and Samsung–have created two of the most popular devices out there: the iPad Pro and the Galaxy Tab S3. If you’re in need of a tablet, we can help you go over your options so that you choose the one that best suits your needs.

4 Cutting-Edge Technologies Within Your Grasp

It’s fascinating to look back to what people of the past predicted our technology would look like today, and even more so when we see their truly fantastical ideas become a reality. This also allows us to anticipate what will someday be the norm in business technology. Here’s four technologies that we’re looking forward to seeing more of.